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9 short slides that highlight and remind us all how to build better LinkedIn connections.

Quality is better than quantity on LinkedIn.

What tips do you have to add to build better connections on LinkedIn? Add them in comments for the rest of us to learn from.


Your communication skills could be killing deals and your career!

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In business, as in all areas of life, communication is everything. How well you communicate with others is a major determinant of your success. All to often, we don’t give communication the consideration it deserves. Like other skills we use in our lives, it is something that needs to be studied and practiced. Communicating well is a skill you have to learn.

Good communication does not come naturally to everyone that and to those who already communicate reasonably well, there is always room for improvement.

Clear, concise communication is at the heart of every business deal. The ability to effectively share information that can help customers decide is usually at the core of every successful sales person and leader.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.     — Lee Iacocca

Getting good and staying good at communication requires practice – lots of it. That by itself is why most people do not achieve a high level of success. Practicing things like communication can be boring. Unless you have the end goal in mind it can seem like a tedious exercise. Communication is also perfected over time rather than in a few short efforts at learning.

A commitment to improving your communication skills has never been more important. The opportunities to apply communication skills are increasing with the growth of webinars, video and even audio podcasting. Ignore the opportunities to improve your skills and you will see others passing you by, both competitors and others inside your own company.

Communication is not just about getting your words out. Listening is, without a doubt, the most important business skill you should master. It’s crucial to success in any situation, whether it be a group meeting, an interview, giving or receiving feedback, or handling customer complaints. You must understand fully what the other party says, the way it’s said the motivation behind it and the speaker’s feeling.

Free 100 Tips Report

If you would like to get some helpful tips on how you can improve your business communication, click on the image to the left to receive your free copy of this brand new release – 100 Tips For Better Business Communications.

  • It breaks down tips into easy to apply areas including:
  • How to be the best listener in the room
  • Ten ways to ask terrific questions
  • Tips for good verbal communication
  • Tips for good non-verbal communication
  • Tips for effectively communicating over the phone
  • Tips for communicating effectively with an angry customer
  • Tips for giving effective feedback

Grab a copy and see how many of these tips you can apply in your daily activities. I know if you are like those that I have been teaching these skills to, you will achieve greater success than you have in the past. Give it a go and grab your free copy now.

Read through and then come back and let me know other tips that I have missed, or how one of the tips improved your results.


Business to business networking is a skill. Unlike traditional social networking, which can be figured out in moments, learning to be a great B2B social networker takes a bit of practice. These seven tips will help you be a better B2B networker and make more successful connections online.


7 tipsTip #1: Know Your “Wow”

Each of us is an expert in something. Identify what I call your “Wow” talent and focus in on that in your social media posts. By sharing your observations, recommendations and help to others that have interest in your Wow area of expertise, you will be able to quickly establish your credibility and worthiness to follow. DOn’t be afraid of being too narrow in your focus. The world is a big place and you should find millions of others that share your interest in a topic or industry.

Tip #2: Learn The Etiquette For Each Platform You Use

I have found a helpful technique to learn these is to search and follow respected leaders in your industry that are doing well on Social Media. Search Google for things like “Top 50 Sales Blogs to Follow” or “Top Sales Influencers” as an example for those in sales. If you are a teacher try searching for “Top teachers on Twitter. Follow them and watch how what they post and how they interact with those that follow them.

Tip #3: Don’t Just Broadcast, Go One on One

If you’re only focused on broadcast styles of communication, chances are you’re going to miss out on a lot of valuable connections.Don’t just post updates on your wall or send out tweets en masse. Make one on one connections. @reply to people individually or send people personal messages on LinkedIn. Build a real connection.

Tip #4: Pick Metrics to Measure Success

There’s a common misconception that social networking results can’t be quantified. This simply isn’t true. Most people just make the mistake of not picking metrics early on, which makes it very tough later to measure the success of a social networking campaign. Choose a metric to measure your success by. It might be number of in-person meetings you can get, number of retweets, number of Facebook likes, etc. Pick one that makes sense for your business.

Tip #5: Use Online Networking to Find Real Life Networking Opportunities

Don’t limit your B2B networking activities to just the internet. You can use online B2B networking to increase your in-person networking opportunities. Use online tools to connect with people and find events. Attend in-person minglers, networking events and mixers. Ask people who you meet online out to coffee or lunch. Real life connections are infinitely more powerful than online connections. Use your online connections to get more face to face opportunities.

Tip #6: Master One Network

Don’t try to be an online jack-of-all-trades. It’s much better to master one social network than to be mediocre at several. In other words, let’s say you’re a partner at an investment fund. You’re always on the lookout for potential investment opportunities. Instead of trying to create a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile and a Google+ page, just pick one. For instance, LinkedIn. Get really, really good at that network. Answer questions in the Q&A section and build a reputation. Get a ton of recommendations. Become an authority. People will be much more drawn to your one great feed than if you had several mediocre ones.

Tip #7: Look for Ways to Help People

Remember that B2B social networking is a long-term proposition. You’re not necessarily going to reap the benefits from your actions immediately. But it more than pays off in the long run. The best way to cultivate your online business network is to help people. Look for ways to connect people. Share valuable content. Answer questions in your field of expertise. Help people whenever you can. Build up goodwill and eventually it’ll come back to you in the form of referrals, clients, deals, job opportunities and more.

What suggestions have you learned to help others improve their B2B social networking skills?

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