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Key Sales Management Actions to Prepare for 2015

If you lead a sales team or are in a senior level role at your company, you are probably actively engaged in the planning process to ensure you have a successful 2015. There is a lot to consider. A few key questions that sales leaders need to be considering include: Is the sales compensation plan providing the results expected? Are you going to be hiring during the y [...]

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Your Next Sales Hire Shouldn't Be a Sales Person

The most important sales hire you make should not be a sales person. If you are an executive or sales leader you really need to think hard about the next person you hire to improve your sales results. You might just need to hire a sales analyst. The best and the brightest minds that understand the newest tools in big data and analytics are being hired at a rapid pace, lo [...]

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Important LinkedIn Action To Take Now

The most extensive collection of business connections most of us have is found in our LinkedIn account. You might have additional storage areas like Email contacts, your CRM tool, and your smartphone, but the largest collection is typically LinkedIn. Over the years, the ability to download your contacts has not always been available, especially if you have a large number (1,00 [...]

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Canva -Top Recommended Tool For The Graphically Challenged

Canva is an online web tool that simplifies the creation of graphics and can eliminate the stress you get when sitting in front of the keyboard, under a deadline, and need to create a persuasive graphic for your presentation, blog post or email.   According to the folks that decide the winners of The Webby Awards: "Canva is the easiest to use design program in [...]

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Social Sharing Counters - Do They Influence Your Opinion and Actions?

The one constant with the online world is change.  Massive shifts in our use of online information happen more rapidly than most of us can keep up with. I need your input and help to gain understanding of your thoughts and reasons for sharing and/or commenting on items that you find on the web. A Brief Background: These ubiquitous Social Sharing Icons have been used extensiv [...]

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Time To Upgrade Your Webinar Tools?

Is it time to upgrade your online meeting tools and capabilities? The most popular tool has been GoToMeeting, developed in July 2004 by the Online Services division of Citrix in Santa Barbara, California, using the remote access and screen sharing technology from GoToMyPC and GoToAssist to allow web conferencing. The later release of GoToWebinar (GTW) in 2006 and G [...]

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7 Tips and Tools To Get Out Of Your Sales Slump

It happens to everyone throughout his or her career. Opportunities that have been identified turn out to be dead ends. Or the number of leads to pursue simply is not enough to hit the sales quota for the year. Sales slumps are inevitable. How you act is up to you. Here are 7 tools and tips that can help you get out of your sales slump and hit your numbers by the end of the y [...]

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Four Sales Experts Discuss the Fastest Route to Closing More Deals

Watch the Replay Here I am excited to invite you participate in this web conversation for many reasons. The topic itself is probably asked in more sales manament meetings than any other. Getting deals to the finish line more quickly is always a desired outcome. Next, look at the speakers that have been assembled! It is rare to be able to collect this much brainpower, sales [...]

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