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Customer Acquisition Process

Quote Roller Automates Quote and Proposal Generation


Small business owners and entrepreneurs – pay attention. Sales people without a support staff, generating sales on your own out in the field – read on. I know that one of the biggest time-wasters for you is creating a proposal or quote for your products or services. This activity is the poster-child for what web […]

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Social Selling Is Not For The Lazy


Somewhere along the line, with all the talk about Social Media, Social Selling, Sales 2.0 and web tools it seems that some have gotten the idea that Social Selling eliminates the hard work of selling. Axel Schultze,  CEO of XeeMe and Chairman Social Media Academy shares his definition: “Social selling is a sales technique, leveraging social media, to get and […]

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Cold Call/Prospecting Best Times


What day is the best day for prospecting calls? What time of the day is best? My recent post titled Pounce… was focused on the preferred response strategy to follow up a lead generated via the web. Terrific report by Kellogg School of Management and

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Pounce, Pause, Nurture or Wait?


“Within a day or two of sending an initial email to someone, leaving a phonemail or posting an interesting blog article or tweet, I see they (or someone from their company) have clicked into and visited our site.
Now, how aggressively do I go after them? Do I pounce immediately? Do I pause and call shortly thereafter? Do I just nurture them? Do I wait a couple days then call?”

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Salespeople Don't Know?


If your income depends on successfully selling a product or service, you know when changes are occuring. Communication with our customers changes. Decisions are being made by different people within the customer’s organization and the time frames begin to shift. Expectations in frequency, responsiveness and attention are all in flux. If you are in sales, you either know about these changes early on, or you are not selling much longer.

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Turn Contacts into Opportunity


Using Reach, salespeople and small business owners are able to immediately generate greater sales revenues and expand their number of qualified leads while building collaboration networks with other sales and business professionals. Sales people can now conduct business at new levels of productivity using the collective account knowledge of thousands of sales peers.

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Don’t Cold Call-Social Call


“Through observing what works, and what doesn’t, we’ve come up with six factors that determine whether a prospect will meet with you.” Nigel Edelshain

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