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FirstCalling Methodology

Dilbert’s Cold Call Strategy


Scott Adams Dilbert™ Comic Strip from December 6th reminded me of several of the sales managers and executives I have had the privilege of working with over these many years. This gem should bring a smile and a pucker to most everyone that considers themselves a salesmaker. Despite many pronouncements that the Cold-Call is dead, I am sad to report that it is alive and well. In spite of all the new and wonderful tools that I write and speak about, cold-calls are being made each day in every industry. You may be in Dilbert’s position yourself, having been handed a script with an offer not too unlike the one above. For that I am truly sorry.

In the long term, get me invited to speak with your sales and company leadership and I will do my best to convince them that there is a better way. In the short term, share your pain with the rest of us by providing your “cold-calling script” in the comments area below. At least we can share in each other’s misery.

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Cold Call/Prospecting Best Times


What day is the best day for prospecting calls? What time of the day is best? My recent post titled Pounce… was focused on the preferred response strategy to follow up a lead generated via the web. Terrific report by Kellogg School of Management and

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Don’t Cold Call-Social Call


“Through observing what works, and what doesn’t, we’ve come up with six factors that determine whether a prospect will meet with you.” Nigel Edelshain

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New Year Crossroad


The first of every year is a combination of the best time and worst time in a salesmaker’s existence.  You are at a crossroad.  You are looking ahead to the opportunities and activities that you know are out there with optimism, while at the same time you look at your revenue report and see zero’s […]

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Preparation-How And Where To Find Company Information


Key sources of information on the companies that you would like to have as a customer. The ability to conduct productive and relevant research on your selected prospect has never been as easy and as detailed as it is today. The web has turned company strategy, tactical plans, employees, locations and some amazing detail inside out. What had been available only to a select few insiders, is now obtainable by most anyone with an interest and a browser.

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Defining Purpose Is First Step In FirstCalling


Purpose. If you do not first define your purpose in making the call, you will not achieve a positive outcome. I have found an ideal way to approach this exercise is to begin with a blank notepad in front of me, and if possible, in a room with others that are involved in the same sales/marketing effort. Write down your individual answers to the following questions on your notepad:

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Turning Cold Calls into FirstCalls


I have never met anyone that truly enjoys making cold calls. They are rarely productive, typically between 2 to 4% successful. Contrast that to what I refer to as FirstCalls, which have the following characteristics: 1) Comfortable to make. 2)Outcome is predictable. 3)Preparation is required. 4)Results are more positive. 5)They are repeatable

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