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Biggest Change in Sales Technology In The Last Five Years is iPad mini


There is more activity in the sales web tools and technology arena than I have experienced over the last five years.  My backlog on new tools to explore is now approaching two months long. There are new sales tool experts popping up everywhere and for good reason – sales people now understand the power that […]

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Send to Kindle Makes Sense for Mobile Professionals


Having a Kindle account with Amazon might be one of the best time-savers and conveniences sales people can use even if they do not have a Kindle. Whether you are on a Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone or Android, creating a Kindle account takes just a few minutes and has no cost. While I am […]

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Mikey Likes It and You Will Too


Like Mikey, I found a new piece of hardware that I can say “I like it”. I expect it will become a good friend in the months ahead. A new product from Blue Microphones called Mikey Digital is a high-quality microphone to capture meetings, conference calls, business meetings or even to make your own voice […]

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Google+ Hangouts – What Do They Do?


Google+ Hangouts – What do they do and how do I participate? That has become a common question from live audiences that I am speaking with. While Google recently announced that there are over 400 million Google+ users, it is still one of the least understood web tools on the planet. In this post, I […]

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LinkedIn Gets Video Conferencing for iPad with Hookflash


LinkedIn has proven to be one of the key pillars of a sales persons online presence. Communicating directly with a network connection in real-time required several additional steps until now. Hookflash is a recently released iPad app that provides hi-def video calling and voice conferencing with your LinkedIn connections. You need to be logged in […]

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SlideShark Launches Significant New iPad Features


It is always encouraging when a company listens to its customers and today Brainshark did just that with the release of a significant upgrade to their market-leading iPad presentation tool – SlideShark. By resolving the frustration of converting your PowerPoint masterpiece in all it’s glory to your iPad, SlideShark was already a big hit. Yet […]

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CloudOn Delivers Microsoft Office Apps To Your iPad


CloudOn delivers Microsoft Office applications to your iPad. Finally, for those of you who have lived in a Microsoft Office centric world, you now have access to the core Office Suite on your iPad. You no longer have to hesitate when running out the door to your next appointment, or waste time switching devices. With your […]

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