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2 Slideshare Tips For Best Results

After two months of testing different approaches to get improved results with Slideshare, I have found that using these two tips in creating and uploading slide presentations can make the difference between pro and rookie. We both know which one you want. Tip #1 – Create your presentation using the 4:3 format (square) that has […]

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Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator

If you are creating content on the web, you need to provide a visual image or cover to put on your website or share on social media. Unless you are already a Photoshop guru, creating a professional cover was next to impossible until now. Fast eBook Covers was created for those of us that know […]

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How To Get The New Twitter Layout Now

Twitter announced back on April 8th that they are rolling out a new layout and expanded capabilities for your Twitter Profile. As these rollouts tend to develop, celebrities and others with large follow counts get the new layout first. Tired of waiting? Here is the link to get your account switched over NOW. I recommend […]

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The Proven Best Way To Gain New Customers

Looking for the proven best way to gain new customers & grow your business? Testimonials and recommendations are the answer. Testimonials and recommendations work. Many will argue that they are THE most successful way to attract new business. Entire business models like Yelp have emerged to leverage this truth. It is a recognized fact that our customers are […]

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Timesaver Web Tool That You Will Use Daily


Do you frequently open and view multiple websites all at one time?  Today’s web tool will save you time and typing by opening a batch of websites at once and it is free.  This is a web tool that doesn’t need a tutorial, monthly fees or require dedicated training time. Simply enter all of the […]

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