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Google Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide

If you have a website or blog, you have undoubtably heard of and most likely installed Google Analytics. Once installed, it provides helpful insights about where your visitors are coming from, which keywords and topics are most popular, how long they stay on your site and if they visit one page and then click away. You can learn what percentage are viewing on a mobile device, w [...]

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Website Security – Have You Been Hacked or Blacklisted?

  Every website is at risk of attack. The bigger it gets, the more likely it will be a target. Website security is a major concern and should not be ignored.Clearly no one is completely protected, just ask the Democratic National Committee. One of the services that I provide to my website clients is a regular scan of their site to check on the status of everything on a [...]

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A Solution to Plummeting Email Rates Launched Today

The numbers are simply staggering, and its going to be a rude awakening for sales and marketing teams (if you are not feeling it already). Eye-popping "Did You Know" Facts About Text Messages The bottom line is, if your business doesn’t adapt to mobile – it will die. Today is the day to make the easy transition. A new platform called TextDeliver has just been r [...]

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Choice – It Is What Your Customers Want

Your customers expect choices. Choices in how you sell to them, how they buy and how you interact and communicate with them. This is creating challenges for sales and marketing teams everywhere, big and small. Even more challenging is that many are stuck with few options. Being able to offer your customers multiple forms of communication is a requirement if you want to attra [...]

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LinkedIn, Tear Down This Wall!

Mr. Weiner, tear down this wall! Who is Jeff Weiner? The CEO of LinkedIn. What wall? The wall that is being built around your data within LinkedIn. Replace it with an inclusive partner community that encourages innovation and partnering. Deploy the approach that Apple, Google and have used by creating a marketplace that third-party vendors can connec [...]

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Beware The Rise Of The Instant Expert

Beware the rise of the instant expert, typically self-proclaimed. It used to be that when we listened to someone with a microphone and a video camera, we trusted what they were saying. We believed in their research, their integrity and their reputation. We were disappointed some times, but it was a rare exception. When we read something that was published in a book we attri [...]

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Tools Don’t Make The Carpenter

It's intuitive. Tools don't make the carpenter. Neither the doctor nor the musician. Nor do they make the sales person. I have had the privilege of watching my brother Paul grow into one of the premier custom interior carpenters in Colorado. He creates multi-million dollar home interiors that are the talk of Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen and more. He has spent almost 30 years le [...]

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Email Is Still The Powerhouse!

Ever wonder why your inbox is always jam-packed? Simple answer is:   Email works! Don’t believe me? Every credible source is telling you the same thing. The respected McKinsey & Company recently shared (italics mine) this: “E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter com [...]

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