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Why Build Your Brand On Property You Do Not Own?

Would you build your home on someone else’s land? In most cases, no. Then why would you consider building your brand and online presence on someone else’s platform? Let’s be clear, I am “all in” with social media. I benefit almost every day from my involvement with the entire spectrum of social media tools and techniques. Some of you have taken a shortcut by using one of these social platforms as your ‘home’ page, your online base of operations. Bad idea.

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Is Mail The New Email?

Is Mail the new Email? All of us seek a competitive advantage, a way to stand out from our competitors. Sometimes the way to achieve this goal is to go in the opposite direction of the crowd. It is the opposite from what the crowd is doing. Think about the last time that you sent a physical letter or postcard through the postal system. It has been awhile for most of us. When you go to your business mailbox, the number of mail pieces is typically less than in the past. Postful might just be a solution for you.

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Gist Releases Android Version

Gist released their Android solution!  The Android application puts all the news, updates, and information about your contacts and their companies at your fingertips. Now, Droid users can get the power of Gist everywhere. Click here to learn more about Gist for Android including a demo video. Get the Gist app from the Android Market […]

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