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ZumoDrive-Storage Made Simple

Imagine if you had access to all your stuff, everywhere. Unlimited storage that feels local. Just imagine if you always had all your documents on each of your devices without having to move files or synchronize content. And even better if these documents became completely safe and protected as soon as you saved them for the first time. Like other files, your documents are accessible from the web and it’s really simple to share and collaborate on them with others. Unlike sync, ZumoDrive doesn’t copy your stuff everywhere. It works even when you are low on space. Hard drive crashes on the road, not a problem because all your stored files are available via the internet.

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Sales 2.0 Conference 2009

If you are involved in sales and want to learn from the thought leaders and visionaries leading the way with Sales 2.0 tools and thinking, I encourage you to take the time to attend this worthwhile event being held March 4th and 5th in San Francisco. To learn more and register for this event, click Sales 2.0 Conference.

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LinkedIn® Groups-Where The Action Is

The real action on LinkedIn can be found within Groups. If you want to increase the benefits and rewards of being a LinkedIn user, consider joining one of the 212,026 groups on LinkedIn. These groups typically are open to everyone, and are comprised of professionals that have a specific area of interest, experience, affiliation or goals. There are Groups for Alumni associations, Community organizations, Industries, Professional Certifications, software programs and even geography. These Groups are an effective way to develop connections with others in your profession or area of interest.

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Free Contacts For Cold Calls

In both webinars and workshops with SalesMakers, the #1 question I am being asked is how to get the phone number and email address for the prospects on your list? In other words, how can you Fill the Funnel? I am going to make this real simple. In a special arrangement with Jigsaw, I am able to provide you with twenty free contacts (as compared to the two contacts that I have offered in the past). Follow the step by step instructions below and you will receive your twenty free contacts. Here is what you do:

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