Best Handheld Device of 2009 – The Power of Video Messaging

I viewed this video in Chris Brogan’s blog (recommended) and thought my reader’s would enjoy the approach. It demonstrates the power of video to tell a story that words alone cannot. If you think you have a tough sales job in your field, think about the newspaper sales effort!  I especially liked the “pen-touch interface”.  Enjoy…

In the next few days, I will be starting a blog series on video and how to add this powerful medium to your sales and marketing mix.  You will learn how to take advantage of this easy to use technology to deliver high-impact messages to your intended audience. You will learn how to incorporate video into your LinkedIn Profile, your Powerpoint slides, your email and your blog or website. Video sells well in our Sales 2.0 world. Throughout the series,I will be highlighting examples of effective use of these tools.   If you would like to provide examples that you have found effective in your efforts, I encourage you to provide the links in the comments area below.