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Infographics Are Effective And Now Anyone Can Create One

Infographics are effective, popular and can make a complex topic understandable. Like the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words“, infographics will help you deliver your message. If you are online in any way, you have seen the impact of infographics and their ability to convey a message. They are effective not only online, […]

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Scapple For Freeform Thinkers And Creative Brainstorming

Do freeform and nonlinear ideas stimulate your best thinking? Do you do your best work on a whiteboard? If your answer to these questions is yes, then today’s tool should be a good addition to your toolbox. Scapple is described by its developers as a freeform, nonlinear, mind-mapping text editor. That is a mouthful. Don’t make […]

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OFunnel Alerts – Never Miss A New Relationship In Your LinkedIn Network

OFunnel works like Google Alerts within your LinkedIn network. OFunnel highlights new relationship opportunities that you have never been able to track this easily before by leveraging the reach of your LinkedIn connections.  OFunnel constantly monitors LinkedIn as your network expands and emails you results each day. If you are trying to figure out Social […]

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I Love AWeber

Take Advantage Of Automated Lead Collection and Communication

One of the reasons some people have been able to grow their business over the last several years is that they embraced technology and tools. The availability of useful web tools and the internet created the capability of automating certain business processes. Technology has changed Sales forever.   One example of this is when considering […]

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