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Google Voice Now Available to Everyone

Up until June 22nd, Google Voice was one of those mysterious Google Applications that was available by invitation only. As happens with many of Google’s acquisitions, once the company GrandCentral was purchased (2007), it went into the void that holds dozens of other acquired technologies and ideas. It is now available to anyone in the US (for now).

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Use Web Tools to Learn Your Competitive Position

Are you using web tools to gauge your competitive position? To learn how your performance stacks up against your competitors? How often during your week do you find yourself disappointed during a business transaction? Though it is a disturbing statement, execution has become a value-add. It has become the exception when a vendor or supplier delivers what they said they were going to deliver, when they said they would deliver and at the price that they quoted. It has become uncommon in business that we actually get what we expect from our supplier or vendor the first time and every time.

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Why Build Your Brand On Property You Do Not Own?

Would you build your home on someone else’s land? In most cases, no. Then why would you consider building your brand and online presence on someone else’s platform? Let’s be clear, I am “all in” with social media. I benefit almost every day from my involvement with the entire spectrum of social media tools and techniques. Some of you have taken a shortcut by using one of these social platforms as your ‘home’ page, your online base of operations. Bad idea.

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Is Mail The New Email?

Is Mail the new Email? All of us seek a competitive advantage, a way to stand out from our competitors. Sometimes the way to achieve this goal is to go in the opposite direction of the crowd. It is the opposite from what the crowd is doing. Think about the last time that you sent a physical letter or postcard through the postal system. It has been awhile for most of us. When you go to your business mailbox, the number of mail pieces is typically less than in the past. Postful might just be a solution for you.

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