Still time to get your New Website in 2016!
You Know you need a website. 
If you are in business today without a website, you are missing out on 90% of your opportunity, maybe more. A fresh, professional and relevant website is within your reach before year end! With my program, you can have your new website up and serving as your business hub for years to come by the end of the year! All it takes is you to jump in before the deadline and you will be enjoying results by the start of the new year!

This is what We do
I host a Live 60 minute web Session each day from December 26th thru December 30th in which we demonstrate each of the key activities highlighted below. Each session is recorded and available for future review. Each session Has a Pre-Session Checklist you receive before the session begins.
Buy Your Domain Name
You might already own a domain name or I will show you how you can get you can get your domain name for FREE.
Set Up Your Hosting
We will walk through the purchase and setup of your new hosting plan which is where your website(s) reside. Plans start at approximately $6.00 per month
Install WordPress
We walk through a live WordPress install on your new hosting provider. You will end this session with a live, viewable Website.
Install a Premium Theme
You will learn what a Theme is, what purpose it serves and how to use them to change the appearance of your new website. You will be given the option to select from one of a dozen of premium themes for free, or use one of your own if you prefer.
Install Premium Plugins 
You will learn what a Plugin is and the power that these plugins provide to your new site. We will install several of the most popular plugins to help with SEO, Backup, Social Media sharing and more.
Setup Your Home Page
We will walk through the selection and setup of your new Home Page, adding Navigation to your site, and adding access to your blog page ( if you decide to have one).
Create a Blog post
We will explain the difference between a Blog Post and a Website Page, and create your first blog post. You will also learn all the formatting options and the ease of adding video, images and more to your blog posts.
Connect your email Service 
You will learn how to connect your new website to your email service provider (MailChimp, AWeber, Get Response etc.) and the strategies to collect email addresses from your site visitors. 
Setup Social Media Services
You will learn how to use your new website as the foundation of all your social media posting. Imaging creating interesting content and links that are valued by your audience only once but being able to share this information across, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more automatically.
Configure SEO
You will learn how to make sure the search engines find and highlight your new website. After a few simple activities, your site and content will be found more easily.
Set up Backup Service
Once your new website is set-up and functioning to your liking, you will want to make sure that it is being backed up reliably, consistently and completely. You don't want to put all your work at risk by not having a backup. You will learn how this is done automatically on a schedule you select.
Load premium Images
Images and graphics are a key element in the attractiveness and value to your readers. You will learn where to find FREE, no restriction images of high-quality, and how to use free tools to make sure that they are the right size to look good but not slow down your website.
You've put This Off Long Enough!
This program begins Monday, December 26th through Friday, December 30th, allowing you to have your new website up on January 1st  2017! You will have access to the live web-based video training, all the recordings, links to all the free resources, plugins and tools covered during the course, private web meetings with me during the course to make sure that all of your questions are answered. I am committed to watching your new website be live on January 1st, 2017 or before. Take action now, click the button below and get your new website up and working!
$297 for the Full Course

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