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Intromojo-An Introduction to Your Next Customer

At it’s core, Intromojo scours the web for information and activity about any person and assembles it into a helpful format for review and further action. This file or dossier as they call it provides the most thorough overview with clickable links to the source data that I have found available to the general public. You can view these dossiers online, or download them as a PDF file if you prefer. I have made mine available if you would like to see what a personal dossier looks like.

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Sales Leads-An Effective New Source

Zendesk is well established as a web-based customer support system with ticket management, business rules and more. I have grown to value it’s efficiency and I am incorporating it into our client-facing business operations. What I want to share in this review is how you can use Zendesk as a sales and marketing tool. A useful web tool that you can use in prospecting, relationship building, lead nurturing and strengthening your reputation.

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Instapaper Provides a Read Later Bookmark

If you ever find yourself in the middle of reading something interesting/important on the web but do not have time, Instapaper will be helpful. When you find something that you want to read but don’t have the time, just click on the Read Later button. Come back when you have the time, or read it from your iPhone, mobile device or even a Kindle on the road.

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