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Maximize Branding With Your Own URL Shortener

URL shortener? What does that have to do with branding. Most experts will tell you to maximize your brand every opportunity you can. You have worked hard to build your personal reputation. This is solid advice for any company, and I suggest that it is equally as important to you and your personal brand. Yes you, the individual contributor, the sales person, customer service rep, accountant or any other profession. We are in a time when the ability to establish, promote and leverage your personal brand is not only possible but beneficial. A new and creative way to extend your branding is by creating and using your own custom URL shortener. Learn how in this post at Fill the Funnel.

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How to Use Twitter as Research Web Tool

Everyone should understand by now the reasons and benefits of doing research on your prospect or customer. Recently, sales experts and advisors have written that up to 30% of a salesperson’s time is being spent on this research. In order to lower that percentage dramatically, you should consider web tools that can provide you with current data in as fast and convenient way possible.

Tweetbeat Firsthand is such a tool. This simple yet powerful web tool automatically brings you recent tweets from whoever (or whatever) is mentioned in the web pages you’re looking at. During your normal work efforts, just mouse-over the little blue icons inserted next to names to see firsthand updates.

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