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Web Tools featured in 30 Web Tools in 30 Days Series – 2009 Edition

Eventbrite-Grow Your Business with Live Events

Do you connect with prospects, customers and vendors through Live Events? If you do, you know the time and organization that it requires to pull off a successful event. If you have not used Events in your sales/marketing outreach you are missing an excellent opportunity to grow your business. Eventbrite is an online WebTool that provides valuable resources that will go a long way in assuring your events are successful. It is also the engine behind LinkedIn Events capability.

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Sales teams seeking an online collaboration and file-sharing WebTool need to consider, which promotes itself as a simple, powerful collaboration tool. Box was founded on this simple idea: it should be easy for people to access, work with and share all their content, wherever they are. LinkedIn Integration is an added bonus. is […]

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