#Firestarters - How I Begin My Day with Andy Paul

#Firestarters – How I Begin My Day with Andy Paul

Learn more about Andy at his website.

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Miles Austin and Andy Paul on #Firestarters

Join us during one of the daily live broadcasts at 7:00 am Pacific-the entire schedule is listed here: https://blab.im/search?q=firestarters


  • All that matters is that the SaaSaNova showed up

  • And A GOOD DUDE!

  • Andy Schwarzenger!

  • @milesaustin –> your house is on fire…

  • Remember Miles lives in Seattle

  • Don’t talk about sun

  • Happy Wife Happy Life!

  • It’s Time To Get You Social Andy! #SocialBootCampComing

  • Unroll.Me – GAMECHANGER

  • Whats your drink of choice?

  • Starbucks or Coffee Bean?

  • Thats why you are so buff!

  • You need a punching bag in that writers room….

  • >