#Firestarters - How I Begin My Day with Tibor Shanto

#Firestarters – How I Begin My Day with Tibor Shanto

Listen in to our guest on #Firestarters episode #6 Tibor Shanto (@TiborShanto) as he shares his morning startup routine with us. Good demonstration of adapting on the fly as Tibor’s internet was causing problems so he switched to his phone to broadcast this interview. Well done Tibor.

You can learn more about Tibor and his work at SellBetter.ca

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Miles Austin an  Tibor Shanto with surprise guest Billy Bob Brigmon while Tibor switched devices.

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  • Miles Austin says:

    Looks ike no video or audio from either of us. Is #blamim down?

  • Tibor Shanto says:

    Calling in again

  • Tibor Shanto says:

    I can see and hear you

  • I hear Miles fine.

  • Tibor has a lot of static and I hear an echo when he’s on.

  • Sounds like he needs to check both audio and mic settings.

  • try unplugging the headset and let’s see how it sounds with native mic.

  • still better than Google Hangouts! 🙂

  • seems like bandwidth issue.

  • Tibor Shanto says:

    So, I can only say I am sorry. But I do have bandwidth

  • Tibor Shanto says:

    what is it speedtest.net?

  • Tibor Shanto says:

    you’re gonna laugh, but I can’t get to it, do you want to try my phone?

  • grabbing headset.

  • Tibor Shanto says:

    So I am in on the phone

  • tiborshanto says:

    It was great fun Miles, thanks for having me on.

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