Four Sales Experts Discuss the Fastest Route to Closing More Deals

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I am excited to invite you participate in this web conversation for many reasons.

The topic itself is probably asked in more sales manament meetings than any other. Getting deals to the finish line more quickly is always a desired outcome. Next, look at the speakers that have been assembled! It is rare to be able to collect this much brainpower, sales prowess and respected talent for one topic. Each of our speakers brings their own style and perspective from their own successful careers but also from the hundreds of business leaders that they have had the privilege of working with to improve sales results. Our Panelists on this day are:

Another reason I am so excited about this event is the format. There are no slide decks, no pitches. Just four sales veterans talking directly with you and each other in a video format about one of the most common questions in sales; How can I close more deals?” This new platform allows the experts and their conversations to be as close to sitting down with them at a conference table for coffee as you have ever experienced. Other than the overall topic, the conversation is unscripted, flowing back and forth between a group that shares a passion for the sales profession. Enkata 2014 Sales Management SurveyEach registrant will also receive a personal copy of the 2014 Sales Management Survey conducted by Some of the results from this survey are surprising and controversial. Here are some of the results of what the 400+ B2B respondants shared:

  • An overwhelming percentage of people rated social media as a big waste of time compared to more direct sales activities.
  • Most sales people learn best practices from their peers rather than through formal training and reviews.
  • Sales people clearly appreciate one-on-one time with their managers, including participating on sales calls.
  • Sales success comes from perseverance and hard work rather than industry or even product knowledge.
  • While attending sales kickoffs, the majority of sales people want to spending time with fellow sales people and sharing tips on what’s working as two things they most enjoy.

Watch the Replay Here

This event promises to be one that people will be talking about all summer long.  There might even be a few more surprises. I hope to see you there!