Infographics Are Effective And Now Anyone Can Create One

Infographics Are Effective And Now Anyone Can Create One

Infographics are effective, popular and can make a complex topic understandable. Like the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words“, infographics will help you deliver your message. If you are online in any way, you have seen the impact of infographics and their ability to convey a message. They are effective not only online, but also in presentations and print.


Many of us have brilliant ideas that could benefit from an infographic but we do not have the graphics talent and/or know-how to create your masterpiece. If you fall into that bucket, then today’s tool will be of special value. This tool will be helpful for anyone in sales, marketing or even a small business owner that does it all themselves. Others have purchased the tool and given it to their outsourced marketing team to use, taking advantage of the speed and ease and lowering the production costs.

Instant Infographics Presence is a web tool that removes the complexity and cost of more advanced graphic tools. It is truly a point and click tool that provides complete flexibility in designing and laying out your infographic. Because it is a visual tool, the most effective way to introduce this to you is by watching me create a brief infographic in the video demo linked below.  I recommend you gather the following information together before you begin:

  1. What is the message/information you want to share.
  2. Statistics and facts that demonstrate your point.
  3. Any images or graphics that you will want to incorporate into your finished infographic.

Once you have gathered these together you are ready to begin. For this demonstration, I want to convey the following information:

  1. Fortune 500 CEO’s are not yet on Twitter in any significant way.
  2. More are joining in and a few are dropping off.
  3. Twitter bird logo and source document with the facts and research

 Here is the result using this info and Instant Infographics:

Twitter CEO Usage Infographic


 If you would like to watch the complete 11 minute video of how this infographic was created click here.

Price for this product is $37.00 one time fee and provides unlimited access via password and ID.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Learn about the power of Infographics with this definitive guide from
  2. Grab  you copy of Instant Infographics Presence.
  3. Share a link to one of your first infographics creations below in comments.
  4. Bonus Download – The Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Infographics from the brilliant people at

I have been using several tools from the developer for almost a year now and have been very pleased. I have actually purchased one of his tools outright and will be highlighting it later this week.

This is one of those times that I will receive a small fee if you purchase this tool. 

  • EvoleroTalk says:

    .JeffHurt We love infographics. Have you ever tried It is one of our favs! #eventprofs

  • JeffHurt says:

    EvoleroTalk Yep, love

  • sgaughen says:

    mike_weinberg milesaustin is that a one time fee, monthly or per project for the infographic tool?

  • milesaustin says:

    @sgaughen mike_weinberg milesaustin One time fee for a lifetime license-a good value I believe.

  • milesaustin says:

    sgaughen mike_weinberg Stephanie, it is a one time fee for a lifetime license. I found it to be a good value. Let me know how you like it.

  • abazydlo says:

    BruceSallan milesaustin yes, infographics are great, but this one contains TYPOS! CEO apostrophe S?????

  • milesaustin says:

    @abazydlo BruceSallan milesaustin Thanks Angela. I was confused a bit so went to your twitter profile and you include “type spotter” as one of your special talents. If you are looking for a full-time job just hang out here on Fill the Funnel and you will be kept busy.
    So are you saying that the correct spelling would have been CEOs without the apostrophe? If so, one of the neat capabilities of this tool is that I can go in and make the change with one click and then download it. I am not an expert like you, but for some reason taking the apostrophe just “looks” wrong. I will wait to hear from you for the definitive word.

  • milesaustin says:

    @abazydlo OK, Angela. After the guidance of many people smarter than me including you, I have used Instant Infographics Presence and easily removed the offending apostrophe’s ( or is that apostrophes). I do appreciate all the feedback. Now I will have to watch future writing to see if I have actually learned this one completely.

  • ianmtadams says:

    Hey Miles – this infographic looks pretty sharp. Most infographic tools I used in the past looked pretty cheesy. This looks clean though. Nice design. 


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