Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco Sold Out

Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco Sold Out

Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco – March 8th and 9th is one of my favorite events every year.  Hosted by the ever-present Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power magazine, there is always a strong representation of Web Tool vendors sponsoring the event and this year looks stronger than ever.  I counted 39 event sponsors for this event as compared to 25 listed as sponsors at the same event in San Francisco last year.  This year there is also a “Cloud Sponsor” (, indicating a trend that is rapidly becoming the norm for application solution delivery.  I am interpreting this as an indication that activity is looking up for these vendors and by extrapolation, an indication that their customers are starting to invest in these solutions to get sales moving again.  All good from where I sit. I am most interested this year to sit with the capacity, sold out audience comprised of C-level and VP titles from marketing, sales and operations.  They are the ones I will be interacting with and listening to.  Hopefully discovering the challenges, strategies and needs that they are at the conference to learn about. I will be interviewing as many of the WebTool executives as I possibly can and will be putting the results of my efforts here in the week ahead.  Twitter stream will also be an active source for information from the event.  The Twitter hashtag is #s20c, so save it in your twitter search or add it to your Tweetdeck panel now so you can follow along. Here is a list of the show Sponsors that are scheduled to be in attendance: Cloud9 Analytics Clearslide
Oracle Miller-Heiman ForceLogix
Bluewolf The Lead Dogs Holden International
InsideView Brainshark BAO
Xactly Eloqua
right90 SAP Business Objects SpatialKey
marketo SAVO Merced Systems
BigMachines Dow Jones LeadForce1
Kadient ConnectAndSell The Vanella Group
Jigsaw Varicent
Genius ZoomInfo
OneSource Echosign
Hoovers iCentera
Silverpop Ribbit
DealMaker Callidus Software

If you are going to be at the conference, either as an Attendee or Vendor, let me know so I can make sure we connect.  I am looking forward to an information-packed event.  Safe travels!

  • Miles, great preview of this year’s Sales 2.0 event.

    It’s exciting to see the conference grow to 500+attendees in a little over two years. Like the conferenc, the Sales 2.0 movement ittself has picked up a lot of steam since that inaugural 2007 show (if you were there, you remember a great keynote by Geoffrey Moore.) To borrow from Moore’s view of the technology adoption lifecycle, Sales 2.0 has developed enough momentum and mind share that we’re seeing both customers and legacy vendors scramble to avoid being laggards. Good news for everyone. This momentum is due to the fact that Sales 2.0 processes and technologies has delivered tangible results for businesses large and small. As with any adoption lifecycle, there will be (already has been) a temptation for customers and vendors alike to slap a “2.0” label on their processes and products. But for those who stay focused on the measurable impact that Sales 2.0 can have on their sales productivity and effectiveness, the rewards are very real!

    We look forward to seeing you in SF, Miles.

  • Hi Miles, thanks for this preview and the list of vendors. I didn’t realize there were so many exhibitors.

    I will be covering the event at my blog, with an emphasis how Marketing teams can support Sales 2.0 initiatives. My first post is about Sales 2.0 and Marketing Automation:

    I hope to meet you at the conference. I will be carrying around the “LeadSloth” stuffed animal so I should be easy to spot 🙂

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