Timesaver Web Tool That You Will Use Daily

Timesaver Web Tool That You Will Use Daily

Do you frequently open and view multiple websites all at one time?  Today’s web tool will save you time and typing by opening a batch of websites at once and it is free.

URLOpener logo This is a web tool that doesn’t need a tutorial, monthly fees or require dedicated training time. Simply enter all of the URL’s that you want to work with into URLOpener box. Click “Submit” and you are ready to go. You can click on each link individually, or click the “Open All” button and each site will open in its own tab and you are ready to get to work.

Here is a two-minute video that shows how easy and convenient it is to use:

What types of activity can this be of value?

  1. Entering a list of new prospects to learn about.
  2. Enter a list of your competitors to monitor what they are up to.
  3. Enter a list of your frequently used social media sites.
  4. Enter the URL’s of those sites of your most frequently used web tools.


Create a list of each of these lists and save them in Notepad or a word processor. I use Notepad on either the PC or Mac and when I am ready to work on a specific task, I go to that specific list, copy the URL’s and then paste them into URLOpener.

My criteria for selecting web tools that I will recommend to customers and use personally in my daily activity follows this simple formula I call SAS.

  • Simplify
  • Automate
  • Scale

URLOpener fits each of those criteria very well and it can save you time and aggravation every day.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Create lists in Notepad of those URL’s that you frequently use and save for future use.
  2. Browse to URLOpener.com and paste your list of URL’s.
  3. Share creative ways that you can think of to use this tool with our readers in the comments below


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  • patricia_haag says:

    Miles – That’s a great tool.  I’m pretty impatient and don’t like opening all the sites I want to have access to everyday.  Google Chrome allows users to set up all of the sites you want opened when you start up Chrome, but I have never seen that option on other browsers.

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  • […] Timesaver Web Tool That You Will Use Daily […]

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