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Bunkr Cuts SlideDeck Preparation Time And Creates Better Presentations

The process of gathering content for your presentations is usually the most time-consuming task when putting together a presentation. Collecting images, quotations, video and other information sources and organizing them in a useful way stalls many a creative effort. Then, try to find this information a few months in the future when you want to […]

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SweetProcess – Capture The Process and Achieve New Success

The most successful entrepreneurs know the key to scaling any business lies in your standard operating procedures. SweetProcess is a web tool that helps you document all those repetitive tasks that eat up your valuable time. Who said Standard Operating Procedures have to be painful? Every business activity is made up of many individual steps or activities. […]

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Infographics Are Effective And Now Anyone Can Create One

Infographics are effective, popular and can make a complex topic understandable. Like the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words“, infographics will help you deliver your message. If you are online in any way, you have seen the impact of infographics and their ability to convey a message. They are effective not only online, […]

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Scapple For Freeform Thinkers And Creative Brainstorming

Do freeform and nonlinear ideas stimulate your best thinking? Do you do your best work on a whiteboard? If your answer to these questions is yes, then today’s tool should be a good addition to your toolbox. Scapple is described by its developers as a freeform, nonlinear, mind-mapping text editor. That is a mouthful. Don’t make […]

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