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Sales People Replaced Headline

New Company Launches – Sales People Need Not Apply

What is your reaction to that headline? If you are like many in the sales profession you probably thought – “that’s not possible in my industry.” Unfortunately I have come to believe that the headline is actually a new reality for a large and ever-expanding list of companies and industries. If you are in the […]

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9 Sales eBooks With a Webinar Thrown In For Free

Changing your view and perspective can yield surprising results. I advise my clients over and over to look at opportunities from multiple angles to discover some golden nuggets. Here is an example that I hope you will take advantage of.I have been telling everyone I know about a terrific webinar coming up on Wednesday, January […]

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Not Taught Book Cover

Not Taught – A Book Review

Not Taught –What It Takes To Be Successful In The 21st Century That Nobody’s Teaching You – Author- Jim Keenan. This book will make many who read it uncomfortable. If it doesn’t you are either under 30 or completely clueless. Keenan writes from experience, having lived in the corporate world of yesteryear , the politics, the mergers, […]

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